‘Tales of Light’

Exhibition: June 2022

We can hold a world in our hands, all is revealed by light.

The exhibition title was inspired by a beach walk with my daughter. One of her favourite things to do is collect shells, watching her completely engaged with nature is one of life’s simple pleasures.

We found a very delicate shell with fine details, I called her over to look at it closely with me and we held it to the light. The strong sunlight unlocked the hidden intricacies inside the shell and we were amazed to see a whole new world within, the history of its formation illuminated.

This notion of holding something to the light to reveal more inspired me and also reminded me of what I do as a painter. My work is a process of revealing, unlocking hidden layers of meaning and a new way of seeing. The paintings are ethereal, a story untold, something completely new.

I am not moved to paint something that already exists. My process explores new ways to paint light and form using mark making and flowing movements, which inspire an emotional response in me and ultimately, the viewer.

‘Tales of Light’ is a call to connect with life, through the paintings, on a deeper level. To look with a childlike wonder at something new for the first time.