‘Untold Stories’

Exhibition: June 2021

Parnell Gallery, 263 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

Untold Stories

Human beings are storytellers. Individually and collectively we live storied lives that intertwine and overlap. For the most part, who we are has been learned and collated from our experience, much of what we believe is subjective to our personal history. We are constantly constructing and reconstructing our world according to the environment in which we live, and our interaction with society.

An untold story hasn’t been told before, it’s very nature is original, an authentic tale and a new way of seeing. It is this notion that drives my work, the curiosity to explore and create something truly original and unique.

For the work in this show I have focused on this idea, allowing a narrative to form within the piece itself, as you would a chapter in a novel. Each idea has been held in mind and then given space to create something archetypal and unreferenced. 

Within the piece, there may be the hidden subtext of a landscape or the emotional response to a memory. They are fictions and parables that invite a viewer to engage with the work and contemplate what they are seeing. 

Inquiry is a driving force in my work, with a focus on the unseen. My practice is one of exploration and the work reflects my fascination with uncovering the new and original to reveal these ‘Untold Stories’.

And within these stories lies a narrative, a subtext, a personal and specific chapter for a given circumstance. 

Each of my paintings is an exploration of this narrative, a chapter in a greater story. Every one of us has many untold stories, we live out some of them everyday.