Exhibition: 23 July – 6 August 2019

Preview: Tuesday 23rd Jul 5:30 PM

Parnell Gallery, 263 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

Auckland based painter Tim Jones specialises in contemporary and abstract works. His bold style blends colour and form in an expressive, purposeful way that invites reflection from the viewer.

Themes of connectivity and subconscious engagement have persisted through the evolution of Jones’ work. While open forms and suggestive references to a landscape are evident, it’s through his latest body of work that Jones encourages us to be pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, to wander hand in hand with our own internal musings, to engage with ‘Reverie’.

The enticing tones and layered surfaces of Jones’ striking abstracts guide the eye of the observer while the large scale of the paintings further draws us in. Construction is free and dynamic, giving power to immediacy.