‘Restless’ Exhibition

Timothy Jones


Exhibition: 16 – 30 June 2015, Parnell Gallery

Preview: Tuesday 16th Jun 5:30 PM

Timothy Jones’ abstract paintings reveal an ongoing investigation of elemental energy. Inspired by our natural surroundings in both colour and form these bold, flowing works on canvas seem to capture moments in an organic journey. The accomplished paint application respects both the medium and subject, each informing the other as with The Sea and the Sand.  Here the rolling horizontal shapes and energetic brushstrokes suggest a wild coastline in blue-grey tones, while still allowing the gritty, visceral reality of the paint on canvas. This fine balance can also be seen in Journey Closer where stunning earth tones might almost describe a primordial moment of impact and division into light and dark, fall-out in dribbles of paint freely running down the canvas. Others such as Exhale explore closely an exhilarating movement, again allowing all the varying texture of the paint to co-exist and feeling as if we existed within a breaking wave.

This fluid signature style is coupled with a parallel approach combining elements, words and imagery to raise questions about the human condition. Subtle hues and strong undertones compliment each other in these works, which explore emotion and philosophy. Pieces such as Somewhere to Call Home use striking juxtaposition of the light and dark tones of the animal to emphasise anthropomorphic qualities of strength and determination. Others such as Dawn Chorus and Swimming Pool have a more ethereal quality, with lighter washes suggesting the subject and inviting reflection on it’s nature from the artist, and in turn from us.

Jones’ affinity with the sea comes through strongly in his art, having spent several years working on yachts and circumnavigating the globe. His art enjoys high profile placements and is held in private collections throughout the world. In his latest show, Jones’ experience of life and paint provide a spectacular ride we are invited to join him on.

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